Galleries Additional Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: November 30, 2020

The following additional Terms & Conditions will apply ONLY if Customer subscribes to the GalleriesSM Service:

1.1 Functionality. The Galleries Service allows Customers to create Galleries and to populate its Galleries with images. For each Gallery, Customer can choose to enable or not enable the following features:

1.2 Customer content.

1.3 Additional Images. Customer shall be charged, except as otherwise indicated in the Agreement between Customer and Launchmetrics, for any additional images above the number included in Customer’s Images Package that are in any of Customer’s Galleries at any point during a month (as determined by Launchmetrics in its sole discretion). Launchmetrics shall invoice Customer for such additional Fees no earlier than at the end of such month.

1.4 General. Service Updates. When Customer has a Service Provider Agreement or an Order Form with special conditions for the Galleries Services, these terms shall supersede the above Additional Terms & Conditions, unless otherwise indicated and until Customer is migrated toward the new Galleries version.